Windows XP freezing problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by xinside, Sep 8, 2002.

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    I turn off my computer at night when I go to bed.. The problem is.. EVERY morning I wake up and turn on my comp it loads to windows fine.. stays on a couple minutes then freeezes.. I restart the comp.. it does it again!!.. well it keeps doing this for like up to 5 times.. it did it 4 times this morning.. then after its done doing it a few times it stops and my comp runs
    fine.. I did everything I can think of.. nothing worked.. does anyone have any clue wtf is going on?.. I was thinking its the router I have.. This comp is windows XP and the other comp its connected to is windows 98.. I am not sure if this would do anything to XP.. I do not know any networking or anything like that at all.. If anyone can help thatd be great cause this is getting annoying restarting 4 times everyday
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    look round the microsoft website as i think there is a patch for this, if not just go onto windows update and it should be within a security issue
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    Already did that... got all the patches from
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    Disconnect the computers & see what happens.