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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by davidjevery, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. davidjevery

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    I am running Windows XP Home and i need to send faxes from the PC, now that is the easy bit with a modem i have attached to COM1. I also have a ISDN TA which is a seperate line to the computer, I wish to use the ISDN TA to send/recieve faxes.

    How do i get Windows XP to use both devices as and when i want (ie modem and or IDSN TA)

    Is it possible or am i being to ambitious. I cannot figure it out...

    Would be gratefull for any help or suggestions.

    Many thanks

  2. zman

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    Do you mean like using two Dial up connections at the same time ?

    I dont think you can actually set XP to use ISDN just for faxes ..

    Im not 100% clear on what you mean either
  3. davidjevery

    davidjevery Guest

    If I can use a modem to send faxes, i should also be able to use the ISDN TA to, after all the ISDN is a modem of sorts.

    All i need do is get the XP to recognise the TA as a device, just like the modem.

    I am sure there is an answer someewhere.

    Thanks for your comments