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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gamester, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Gamester

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    Hey :)

    I had Windows 98 and Windows XP on two different partitions - 98 on C: and XP on D:

    I restarted into dos mode from Windows 98 and reformatted the C: drive, in the hope of getting ridding of Windows 98 and just having Windows XP :/

    Unfortunatley this didn't happen, and now whenever I start the computer I get the error: System Disk not valid (or something similer)

    I really do not want to lose all the files on the D: drive, and would like to be able to boot back into Windows XP.

    If anybody could help me with my problem, I would be very grateful :)

    Thanks a lot,
  2. Black_Pride

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    Sounds like you wanted to get rid of 98 and merge the two partitions together running only WinXP? The problem is that the bootloader that gives you the 98/XP option at startup was on your c drive. So now the computer boots and doesnt know where to go to get XP started and you get that error.

    What I would do is get partitioning software and merge the two partitions together. Partition magic 7 or 8 should work. This still would not solve the boot loader problem though. You will need to then run Winxp setup again and do the repair option so it replaces the boot record to make the pc boot again.

    if anyone has better suggestion i would like to hear it....always willing to learn something new :)
  3. Gamester

    Gamester Guest

    Thanks for a speedy response :)

    The problem is, I cannot access anything other than dos (using a win98 boot disc) - so I doubt I can install programs such as Partition Magic :(
  4. Black_Pride

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    how about this....

    try installing fresh copy of windows xp on the c drive....

    then once its up and running, modify the boot loader to detect a dual boot system (xp on both drives). Then you can boot into either one. Now install partition magic and copy the entire partition D into C.

    Then format D

    Then Merge the two partitions.

    then modify boot record to one partition again so you dont get the loader at startup anymore....

    will that work for you?
  5. Gamester

    Gamester Guest

    I attempted to reinstall 98 on the C drive, but got an error :/

    I will try with xp later though, and see if it works :)

    Thanks for another suggestion =)