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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Powerchordpunk, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Is it just my computer or is the windowsupdate site down? 3:55 PST
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    its just gone midnight in uk and its fine here.

  3. Still not working. Its the only site that doesn't work that I have tried.
  4. It's working fine over here in the US. Although sometimes it acts like a piece of crap!
  5. ok crap. I just rebooted and there is still a dns error. I tried the link in the start menu and just -- both have dns errors.
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    okay, try clearing all temp items, cookies, and everything else, restart your computer, and if still not working i suggest you wait cause your ISP might be updating it's DNS servers.
  7. What does it mean when our ISP updates its DNS's?
  8. ok for those who still care...

    I was in chat with microsoft support for a few hours with no solution. I deleted cookies, temp internet files, download program files, ActiveX controls -- pretty much two hours worth of trial and error. We even did system file checker to completely rebuild windows update. I deleted my installation of Download Accelerator. Windows Update still doesn't load. I have to call back tomorrow for the special "Windows Update Techs." Anybody have an answer? Thanks.
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    DNS stands for Domain Name Service. DNS is used to convert alphanumeric names back to their original IP addresses. For example:

    Is just a name for


    Since it is easier to remember names than numbers, we implemented names. But, computers require numbers to communicate. Thus, DNS translates those names back to the original numbers.

    To update DNS means that the DNS tables have been cleared. Thus, when you lookup a name, it has to go out and find the address. This process removes old entries and replaces them with new or updated ones.
  10. Ok I understand, I hadn't never heard anyone say that before but I know now, I knew you could get to the site by the IP and name though.