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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by supercrosser, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. supercrosser

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    Now that I am settling in to using XP, I find it very confusing about the "Catalog" updates vs. the "Update" updates. I would have never found the catalog updates if it wasn't for my question I sent to MS about my CD/RW drive. The nice tech. support person told me my update was probably in the catalog updates under the Windows update manager and I needed to enable the catalog updates and download them. Now I see a bunch of other updates I missed and can't understand why Windows doesn't automatically show them in the list under Windows Updates????????? Anyone else had dealings with this?
  2. Lonman

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    I'm not sure what updates you're referring to at Windows Catalog. I hit my Catalog link in my start menu and it takes me to a bunch of product advertisements. I must be missing a link on that page or something. Where is this link on the catalog page? The one besides windows update?
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    Under mine it is Start/All Programs/Windows Update. When the update page loads, under the left window where it says "Windows Update Catalog" with tabs for welcome, find microsoft windows updates, blah,blah,blah..." there is a tab called "see also". Under that tab is a button for "Windows Update"(a little redundant isn't it), click it and the right side will display "Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems". Click that and POOF! a whole bunch-o-updates I would have never seen(had it not been for the e-mail to MS support). If I can remember correctly, there was an option to turn this link on and off. It was included in the e-mail to me from MS. If I find it I will post it here. Mine was off by default.
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    Mines right in the same place as Windows Update, on top of the Programs menu.

    But I still cant find any updates, except for products to buy...

    Am I missing something here...

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    Scratch that, I know what your talking about. But it was enabled on mine...

    I got the Reatek drivers for my NIC no problem...

    wonder why it wasnt on yours?