Windows Server 2003 SBE Admin rights problem on one PC

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by Skunk141, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm just learning Server 2003 and I have a PC here (win xp pro sp3)that has a problem with admin rights, although it's in the same group as all the rest it still does not allow any user apart from admin to change system time, device manager, add/remove programs etc etc, it's only this PC with the problem the others are completley fine, I have tested different users on this machine and the same problem occurs so it's definintley the machine rather than the user, can any point me in the right direction for some troubleshooting.

    I have already taken the machine off the domain and connected it to a workgroup then re added it as a different computer name with the same results as well as using the gpupdate /force each time on server and client.

    Many Thanks
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    How is your domain configured - as in who should be local administrators on the machine? By default, only Domain Admins are administrators on all workstations. Anything else would have to be scripted, through policy or done manually. That may depend on the processes within your company.

    Have you tried making manual changes? If it's a policy issue, you can read over this to try and troubleshoot it