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  1. I was persuaded into removing Windows Messenger from my pc, but now I'm not so sure if this was a sensible thing to do. Also forgot the reasons WHY I thought removal would be a good idea...what kind of punishments can I expect? So far no skies fell down on me, but...
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    just whats your question??

    If you want to reinstall goto and scroll down to the bottom. Find msn messenger and re install it. As for retrubution.

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    If you want to use msn messenger instead of windows messenger!

    All u do is find where windows messenger is and rename the folder to this "messengerOFF"

    Then just install msn messenger !
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    Sorry if my query was foggy.
    But maybe I wouldn't have to spend time & effort in downloading another WM if I simply knew What It Stands For. I can't find that piece of info anywhere, not even on MSNcom. I mean, the description "Application" in Properties (if I remember correct) is a rather vague one for someone who has only 5 months experience with the unamendanbles of a modern pc. Let me therefore take the opportunity to stress the point that the coachings of forum moderators like you are invaluable not only to users with highly advanced problems, but also to us digibabes who have to learn from scratch. I love U all.
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    Well what version of messenger are you looking for MSN Meseenger or Windows Messenger? Well actually it doesn't really matter as when you go to the site you can get both. I'm also wondering what your question is. I understand you are relative new to computers. If your question is what does WM stand for my guess would be Windows Messenger.
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    ...this is getting embarrassing. All I want to know is: what's Windows Messengers's FUNCTION? An alternative for Internet Explorer? Is it some kind of Telegram Sam bringing you Seasonal Greetings from Santa Windows? I really have no inkling, except that it has something to do with services. But I just discovered that my deleting of this software failed– the WM icon has returned to my Task Manager, politely asking me to Assign, pretty please? O well. In my system, WM is obviously not active, therefore no longer a worry, and thus no longer an XPerience forum item. ..
    Ye may all breath again.
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    The application: Windows Messenger's function is instant messaging. It does the same thing as ICQ, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc. The newest version is called MSN Messenger.

    The service: Messenger "transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers." It's mainly used for receiving 'net send'-command line pop-up messages from other computers on your network. It is _not_ related to the 'Windows Messenger' or 'MSN Messenger' instant messaging applications. I've disabled this service without any problems (aside from preventing other computers on my network from causing pop-up boxes to appear on my screen).
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    A crystal-clear explanation. Thank you mr.K