Windows Media Player 9 Streaming Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by C:Wow!, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. C:Wow!

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    Hi, I was wondering how many people here are also experiencing problems with WMP 9. My particular problem is with streaming; it won't stream audio or video when I click a link, it wants to download it instead. If I disable my downloads manager it tries to stream it but I get an error message, and it still doesn't work. I also can't see or hear audio or video streamed in emails.

    I have installed SP 1, to no avail. My IE and OE security zones are on Low (no change since WMP 8).

    Has anyone who had this problem solved it?

    C:\Wow! :confused:
  2. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
    Try reinstalling WMP9. That should re-enable the correct shortcut settings. I have had the same kind of problem with Realplayer, when I clicked a link with a real-stream, it opened a download window asking me where to save it.
  3. LiquidMorph

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    the only problem i'm getting is that sometimes it takes me bout 6 minutes to change from one song to another.. volume leveling and crossfading are both off.. running winxpsp1
  4. dabomb

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    no problems with wmp9 this end
  5. seperatist

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    i was trying to listen to the nfl live this weekedn and i couldn't get it to work. wonder if it's the same prob.
  6. mnfesq

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    My problem with WMP9 is that the forward/reverse bar does not go all the way across the screen. The end of the vid is about an inch or so from the beginning of the vid. Anyone else experience this too?
  7. allan

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    Ummm - it is a beta.
  8. Glaanieboy

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    That doesn't mean that there isn't a solution for the problem, right?
  9. C:Wow!

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    Thanks for the replies! I fixed it and I post the fix (from Microsoft) here in case it helps anyone else:


    This information applies only to users running Windows Media Player 9 Series
    Beta on Windows XP or Windows .NET Server together with a third party
    firewall software

    Microsoft has received reports of the Windows Media Player 9 Series Beta
    crashing when attempting to stream from over the network when there is a
    third party firewall software installed on the computer.

    On Windows XP and Windows .NET Server the Windows Media Player 9 Series Beta
    calls into a new Winsock API for performance reasons. There are some
    incompatibilities when using this API with existing third party firewall

    Microsoft is working to address these issues with the third party firewall

    The following steps are intended to serve as an interim workaround for the
    Beta release of the Windows Media Player 9 Series.
    NOTE: Following these steps are not supported and Microsoft is not
    responsible for any problems that may occur as a result.
    1) Quit the Media Player if it is running.
    2) Copy the file c:\windows\system32\wmnetmgr.dll to the "c:\Program
    Files\Windows Media Player" directory.
    3) Rename the new copy of the file (in the "c:\Program Files\Windows
    Media Player" directory) to wspwsp.dll.
    4) Open a command window (click the "Start" button and select "Run"
    then type CMD.EXE and hit enter).
    5) Type in the following line into the command window and hit the enter
    regsvr32.exe "c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wspwsp.dll"
    6) Run the Windows Media Player 9 Series beta and attempt to stream
    content from over the network.

    Eduardo Oliveira
    Software Engineer
    Digital Media Division
    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


    C:\Wow ;)