Windows Media player 9 problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 1bLaDe1, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 1bLaDe1

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    Since ive installed windows media player 9, ive been having sum problems whenever I try to play a video file. When I download a video, I always get this error:

    No such interface supported (Error Code = 0x80004002, Condition = 115)

    Oh yeah, when I try to stream an audio/video file from I.E itself, the lil built in player just keeps sayin "connecting" but it never seems to connect and pla y the file....can anyone help?

  2. neoterixx

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    I was getting the same damn error. So I updated to the newest WMP beta version... The problem has stopped and WMP9 works a lot better....
  3. 1bLaDe1

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    How do I update it to that?

  4. NetRyder

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    There were links on the frontpage to the updated build, but they don't seem to work anymore.
    I don't bother with betas, so I'm not sure where else you can get it from.
  5. chastity

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    This site might still have links that work

    check here
  6. 1bLaDe1

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    Hey thanks guys, and thanks Chasity, I found a link from that site you posted, I installed the beta version and everythings running fine now :)