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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sherpard, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. sherpard

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    Dear pple, i would like to ask how do i uninstall a version of windows longhorn because i installed it over xp, but my xp files are still on my hdd , and its kinda messed up i cant really access them unless i go to c:/documents and settings/*my username name in xp*

    and i think it messed up the whole thing because i wasnt like a fresh install and it still had some windows xp in it. does anyone know how to remove it because its causing me a lot of problems. pls help...
  2. Zedric

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    That sounded like a bad move. :) I don't think you can uninstall it short of reformating or removing the Windows folder (would still leave some gunk behind).
  3. sboulema

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    yep thats right. get ready to format and then make a dual boot or wait until longhorn is released :p
  4. NetRyder

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    What I did:

    Created an image of C: with DriveImage, and burned it to 3 CD-RWs, installed Longhorn (overwrote XP), and played with LH for a couple of days.
    But the speed was terrible, and it's still a pre-alpha, and understandably buggy. So, I popped in my CDs, and was back to XP in 20 mins with all my software and everything. :)

    Your only option is to format and start over. Sorry :(
  5. XP Abuser

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    personally m8 i would of partitoned it and did a dual boot setup that way you can delete it then modify boot.ini back so that all is well. in your case your fawked so you need a reformat and reinstall:)
  6. Bootsy

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    for future reference, don't have valuable files on a test system such as a beta OS.
  7. ZAnwar

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    if you got another partition, just move the inportant files there, or if you got a cdrw drive, put the v.i.f. (very important files) onto a cdr!
  8. X-Istence

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    Re: Re: windows longhorn

    Or you could be cool like me, rar it all up, and dump it on your own personal home server if you have one.
  9. 03bigMark03

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    Try this

    VMWare Emulation is a great product for emulating a computer within a computer. I use it to run Windows 98SE in my Windows XP Pro machine. It does not affect anything on my Windows XP Pro because it acts as if it was a separate computer.

    You should try this (try & buy) after you reformat and reinstall Windows XP. But as for the current situation I think it's doomed for a reformat/reinstall operation.
  10. chris

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    is everyone forgetting that unless you work microsoft using a copy of longhorn is illegal?
  11. XP Abuser

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    so is downloading music but 95% of internet users have done it:)

    unless you try to sell longhorn on ebay. then it gets concerning that fools think they can make money out of it... and even bigger fools that bid for it:)

    its to satisfy our need for curiosity
  12. anewhope

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    How do you go about dual booting with it? I'm running xp and have .net server that I want to install, but when I put the cd in wanted to install over xp?

    Any help greatly appreciated..