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    I would appreciate if you could provide me with either links or explanations on windows file systems. FAT, FAT32, NTFS. And I need information about them detailed as possible so don’t hesitate to post anything you think holds some info on them.
    Tanks in advance :)
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    It helped a lot
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    Windows Help and Support ain't useless y'know - type in Windows File System.
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    Please excuse me if I ask stupid questions but I can't find the answers anywhere, so here they go:
    I bought 2 WD 160Gb drives to be used ( eventually) with RAID and/or SATA, I'm making a new system.
    I can't partition them with FAT32, won't let me even after I downloaded and installed SP1 on Winbdows XP, so going with NTFS may be the way to do it.
    Now for my questions:
    If I change a HD from FAT32 to NTFS, will I loose evrything on it?
    I have many applications on the FAT32 HD, would I be able to use them or move them to the NTFS drive?
    Can I copy files from a FAT32 drive to a NTFS drive ?
    Would applications the I installed in the FAT32 drive be reinstalled in the NTFS system?
    I have applications (such as Quicken) that I installed years ago, I think with Win95, and that it still works fine in XP (FAT32) and I have backups on CDs of the data, very important data that I NEED to preserve, how will I used that or copy to a HD partitioned with NTFS?
    I can go and buy the latest Quicken and install on NTFS but what about my old data?
    Sorry if I asked to many questions but I'm totally confused.
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    Right Mr Cabinboy this is all you need to know about NTFS.
    The only difference you need to worry about between Fat32 and NTFS is the way in which files are stored on your HD.

    Fat32 is a 99p filing cabinet from pound strecher with no locks a very untidy index system and a drab grey colour but it does its job.

    NTFS is a £99 filing cabinet from your leading office supplier! It has locks on draws,locks on folders, locks on documents even. It has secret compartments INSIDE secret compartments. It remembers your most recently used things and puts them in the top draw for quick access has lots of fancy digital buttons, security numbers and passwords and go faster stripes.
    It IS the KING of filing systems!!

    Yes you can convert a Fat32 HD to NTFS but it is not as easy as MR Gates will have you to believe. Most people seem to have problems when using this method. Files which are there but cannot be accessed etc..
    A much cleaner and efficient way of doing this is to save everyting you want to cd, re-install xp and choose the format using NTFS when it asks you how you want to formatt your HD. Believe me it will save you alot of trouble in the long run.
    As to your other question it makes no difference what filing system you have when saving to cd since all data is stored on the cd in the same way.
    Applications and anything that didn't come with windows will have to be re-installed.
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    Ohh Really Welsh?
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    Yes Really! Leevoy
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    well I have never seen a 99p filling cabinet at Maidstone pound stretcher. It a pound shop maybe that is why :p
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    United Kingdom
    also the 99p cabinet will crumble if you dont divide your information into a few extra 99p cabinets, the £99 is strong and sturdy and can handle the lot
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    Thank you friends, now, could you convert the L to USD?