Windows File Backup, Incremental File too large!

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by Punkrulz, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Thought I had this fixed but ran into something I wasn't expecting. Right now on one of the servers, we have two Windows backups running (since there is no Veritas Agent). The first runs hourly on a folder, and only backups files incrementally. This runs 7 days a week. The second backup runs every Friday night, which does a full backup of the folder... These are all reports that are crucial to the operation of the business.

    The files are then backed up on a share where the share is backed up by Veritas. Unfortunately, the incremental backups have become entirely too large (incremental file: 300gb; full file: 1.5gb). We have to do the incrementals because if anything happens, we at least have the hourly backup and won't have to reinput so many reports.

    Is there a way, perhaps script or something, that after the full backup, the incremental starts at 0kb again and works it's way up? This will definitely alleviate the size problems and will ensure successful backups all around!
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    I guess you can follow slightly different way and backup files as is but still with ability to have incremental backups. We chose Scriptlogic's Secure Copy when we opened new office branch and our backup queue became so big that we started encounter some close problems with backup using NTBackup. It copies files intact dividing the copy process into definable number of threads and chunks. Incremental backup is a pleasure here, because it replaces only those attribute that were changed on the source. So when I add or remove user account into ACL on the source for the whole document storage, Secure Copy updates backup storage very quickly because it just refreshes the ACL.