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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by u_diddy, Jun 4, 2002.

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    i was just wondering if anyone knows how to change the names of the users under documents and settings within windows explorer. i want to sell my comp but i don't necessarily want people to know who i am. i want to change my name to something like unknown. when i try to change it, i get cannot delete or rename because its a system folder. i can change it in safe mode but when i reboot, i get an error and everything is missing ie e-mail, settings, icons etc. i dont want to reformat because i have tons of (free) progs i want to include with the comp and don't really remember the links to about half of them. is there an easy way to do it that anyone knows about?
    P.S. im talking about windows xp pro and yes, it is a legal copy. call me crazy but i want to delete any info about myself thats stored on this comp before i sell it. also, if anyone has any other suggestions about info that should be deleted ,like e-mail accounts etc, i would gladly accept them. thanx in advance.
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    one way may be to create a new user in user manager and reboot using that, then delete your user account. before doing this make sure all the prog's your want to leave are in the all users folder and not under your user account.

    also log in as administrator and delete doc's etc for your account from there
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    if your gonna sell it. just format it b4 you sell it. then ur user name won't be in there. plus, if you rename it ur user account will just recreate a new one next time you log in.

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    he doesn't want to format as he wants to keep the free programs etc.

    But yeah, make another admin level user so that you have a fresh new user.

    Login as administrator and delete your old user and delete any files it may have left behind in Documents and Settings.
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    Thanx for all your help guys! Worked like a charm.