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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by benskyring, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. benskyring

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    I'd reaaly like to know if anyone knows how to globally set the view type in the Windows Explorer. I hate the stupid tile view, all I want is the standard large icons. Every bloody time I go into a new folder these hulking great bastards of thing are there. My system's pretty fast, but in folders with 1000s of files it takes forever. Also the Windows Explorer won't save my setting to keep the status bar, even though I've set it to remember changes and Microsoft have buggered the status bar anyway. it doesn't show the size of .zip files! The other point of interest I have is the Task Manager. Why the bloody hell does it sort PID's in reverse numerical order? It's bloody terrible and when I re-order the PID's it doesn't remember the setting for next time. Why does Microsoft persist in changing things that don't need changing?
  2. max

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    I also have the same gripe , its so damn annoying every directory gives a different view !!!

    ANyone help us please ........

  3. Lonman

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    Open Windows Explorer, set the view the way you want it, go to the 'tools' pull-down menu, folder options> 'view' tab> hit the button 'apply to all folders.'
  4. GoatsBreath

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    I have the same gripe, I want to view the My Computer/Explorer folder in Detail View whereas the folders I have created with shortcuts inside, I wish to see inIcon View

    Is there a simple way to set each folders View Properties?
  5. insaNity

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    You also have to have all other windows closed and do it on the top level of the heirachy...It can take some messing around, and you probably have to do it more than once, but it CAN be done....I still get the occasional big icons window...don't know why.