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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Goatman, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Goatman

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    Would I have a performance drop if I used Windows 2000 server, instead of Windows 2000 Pro?

    What I'm really asking is, should I use 2000 Server for gaming, or 2000 Pro?? or is there a difference?
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    2000 pro, the server version is only intended to be a server (web, mail and so on) so I think it has less support for some hardware so that it can be as stable as possible
  3. Rootz

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    YES, a lot...

    NO you shouldn't and YES there are major differences... one for all: a server is not supposed to run programs (not to mention games) but services.

    Overall, if you want to play games use WindowsXP Home or 98/ME
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    Re: Re: Windows 2000 Server


    If you want to play games and you have a decent graphics card (i.e. a well supported card), then there is no reason u can't use any of the latest OS's.

    XP Pro kicks backside over Home. If you are going to use an XP os then use XP Pro. Stay clear of 98/Me as they are outdated and tbh, ****e.

    Windows 2000 Pro is also a good Operating system. You will see a performance hit swapping to Server, but as said, why would you need it? :/ . But it would play games.

    All 2k OS's are the same, cept the Server side versions have more functions for Server deployment. I say stick with 2k pro if it works for you.