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    Saw this over at another site...

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    Winamp 5.03:
    * made MP4 AAC the new default ripping encoder
    * fixed a crash bug when playing some AVI files in in_dshow
    * added multimedia keyboard keys in global hotkeys default configuration
    * added "Manual playlist advance" in Repeat button popup menu in Classic mode
    * improvements in MP3 encoder configuration (added --alt-preset standard, etc...)
    * made the tabs in the preferences XP correctly themed under Windows XP
    * revamped the Media Library preferences a bit
    * new experimental WMA9 input plugin
    * gen_jumpex updates from DrO
    * added "Nuke library" action in Media Library
    * more upside down videos fixes
    * fixed crash if a plugin generated a pledit wm_windowposchanged on shutdown
    * fixed crash exploit in in_mod (thanks Peter Winter-Smith)
    * fixed various crashes in in_midi when playing invalid files
    * made in_midi store its settings in winamp.ini instead of the registry
    * fixed error during installation on computers with chinese/oriental regional settings
    * removed AOD from installer
    * added Shift-R to toggle manual playlist advance
    * updated VP6 video decoder to latest VP6.2 code
    * fixed crash when launching winamp with very long filenames from explorer
    * made registration dialog to appear in Explorer's taskbar when installing pro version
    * fixed pledit/video windows showing up at startup when minimized
    * modern skins updates :
    - winamp modern skin now uses a 3 state repeat button: no repeat/repeat all/repeat track
    - added appplication desktop toolbars capabilities for layouts, add
    appbar="left|top|right|bottom" to use them
    - upped maki binary version, improved stack protection
    - current skin version number is 1.2 (this should not change for a long while now, and
    of course we continue to support 0.8 to 1.1)
    - (very) limited maki debugger (for now you can bring it up with invokeDebugger(); in a
    script then use 'x' to continue and 'i' to trace into)
    - fixed obscure capture problem with dragging windows
    - fixed rectrgn being forced to 1 in xml xuiobject buttons that are originally imageless
    - fixed hilited state not on after clicking on buttons while the mouse stays in area
    - fixed scripted onEnterArea/onLeaveArea not being always correctly called while mouse
    button stays down
    - fixed getToken being passed NULL throwing guru
    - fixed clipping of painting within the background's region of a group rather than
    within the composed region (the one you can change with sysregion)
    - fixed image cache problem when using the same bitmap as a map and a button image
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    Neat, I think Xie is posting it atm :)
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    how come its not advertised on their website?

    Thanx for the links though :D

    Alex :cool:
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    Nullsoft only update their website once a week, tuesday I think, so it will appear then.
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    Thanks Teddy .. posted w/ credit given to you. :)
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    That's quite a lot of changes! I especially like that 'Nuke Library' option, should save time when cleaning out the media library.
  7. Thank ye, thank ye :D
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    does this mean Ill be able to listen to tracks downloaded from Napster? (ie WMA with v7 encoding)... nothing more annoying than paying for tracks, to discover you can't change the annoyingly written IDv3 info OR play them in winamp without a window popping up every time it tries to play them