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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Cosmin, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    After so many discussions about this player winamp3 seems to take out little too much resources from our computer but still do it's job . Let's discuss a little about version 3 in front of other older versions ..
  2. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    i loved winamp 2...then it broke

    i got winamp 3 and all is well except it does take up a little to much resourses for a mp3 player

    skins are excellent but i hate the way you cant skin the playlist editor...or can you far i aint been able to find any skins for it

    quality - good as always

    havent got any plugins yet

    i would say stick with winamp 2...i would, but i couldnt be assed installing it......

    thats about it for a sh*tty vague review

  3. ZipTriX

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    WA3 doesn't like me. It will not run on any of my systems. I've been round and round with the people at the winamp site, and still no solution. Oh well. :(
  4. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    slap it upside the head.....that'll teach the bugger
  5. ultraviolet7

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    i went to winamp3 because it has built into it the ability to play in surround. winamp2 only used 2 of my 4 speakers.:mad:
  6. brunsodj

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    I haven't used it in months, how much of your system resources does it use now, anyone? It used to be bad in that regards.

  7. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    i went back to winamp 2 my god my pc is running about 30 times more freely

    no more lock ups or winamp freezes yey!
  8. SessedOut

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    When WinAmp 2.78 came out, it would NOT play any Audio CDs whatsoever. I tried both my burner and DVD drive and it would just pop up in the playlist "unrecognized format". So I tried WinAmp 3.something and it worked. That's about the only good thing I liked about it. I was very relieved when WinAmp 2.80 came out because for some reason my Audio CDs work again and don't have to use WA3. What I like most about WA2 is that it does its job in the easiest way possible. If I wanted an elephant to play my MP3s I would use Media Player or Real Player.
  9. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...


    well said :D
  10. You must rember two things about Winamp 3

    1)Its free
    2)Winamp 3 is BETA

    As its stands it dose need some work, but thats why its still beta, there putting it through its paces in the real world to see how it holds up. I'm using 2.80 and have not had a problem with anything and the midi to wav converter works like a charm.
  11. Just a note on the code in Winamp 3.

    1) They are trying to port some Linux code, this is very hard.
    2) They are trying to write code to play movie files.
    3) They are doing alot of stuff that needs alot of work.

    And they are saying that is BETA for a reason. So dont bash them too much.