WinACE, WinRAR, or WinZip

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FreedomToShare, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. I just want know which program you prefer. Or if you like another program other than these three speak out.
  2. Gouk

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    Everyone knows WinRAR is the standard ;)

    You missed out one very important zipping tool Freedom, 7-Zip (

    It has the highest compression of any zip utility when compressing files with the 7z algorithm.

    Try it and add it to your poll :)
  3. w0lv3rin3

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    Best Currently is:
    WinACE => Good For Tight Compression But Slow
    WinRAR => Fast a Compression, But Fast

    WinZIP => Just Lame
    PKZIP => Also Lame
    Others => Lame
  4. I use winzip for making zip files and compressing and packaging my own stuff and winrar to usually open zip and rar files. I like winzips self-extractors (esp. size) and the speed of the 'extract to here' shell function for winrar (loads faster). I'd say winrar is the better choice, but they both have their own advantages.
  5. ZAnwar

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    try UltimateZip, it is better than all of em !
  6. 2z

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    :D For compression & speed they come out roughly the same. You could have problems uncompressing files using the wrong decompressor. Especially .ace files
    WinZip for .zip files
    Winrar for .rar files
    Winace for .ace files
  7. ZAnwar

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    UltimateZip does all of em !
  8. Parting Ways

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  9. Gouk

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    Anyone tried 7-Zip yet?

    I guarantee you that it has the best compression.
  10. Cosmin

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    ...: WinAce:... [ Final version ] :)
  11. Stircrazy

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    Used winace only for longest time just winrar a lil now im usin winrar more cause im tired of winace whining for me to register with that big blue winace screen when it opens lol
  12. ZipTriX

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    Eventhough the compression isn't a drastic difference, I would use it to compress. Too bad you can't make rar files with it. :(
  13. Sazar

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    winrar... nuff said....

    no really... I don't really know anything bout the others or winrar itself... I just use it :D
  14. ECO

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    WinRAR's compression is basically the same as WinZip's compression. As far as I know WinACE has the best compression, I've done tests. Although, I have yet to try 7z zipping using Freedom.
  15. Any more compression software

    Well I listed the three top program WinACE, WinRAR, and WinZip. Some have talked about 7-Zip and ZipGenius is there any more that anybody has to say about?:D
  16. Hipster Doofus

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    I use power archiver. It use to be free. I find it easier to use than winzip. Don't have any use (yet) for others.
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    First post, mmmm.
    ummm :rolleyes:
    I use winace for most things, its very flexible and gives better compression than winrar. But if you want the best compression there is, try u-harc, hard to find, been a beta for as long as i can remember, takes ages to compress and decompress, runs in dos, but damn it gives good compression, if anyone has tried it they'll know what i mean.

    shouldn't we be able to attach ace files to these posts?:D :D
  18. zyfos

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    PowerArchiver all the way. Does zip, rar, ace, jar, tar, gz, bh, and a bunch of others. Check it at
  19. Henyman

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    i've alway's used win zip, it's never let me down so i've never tried any outhers