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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by P-R, Apr 6, 2002.

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    How do I set these security settings in Win2k Professional? I can do it on a server, but I'm running a desktop version of IIS and the security model is different ... I can't find the interfaces that I need.

    ASP script directory
    Creator Owner: Full Control (All)(All)
    System: ""
    Admin: ""
    IUSR: (None)(RX)

    \WinNTCreator Owner: Full Control (All)(All)
    System: ""
    Admin: ""
    IUSR: (WX)(X)

    \WinNT\System32System: Full Control (All)(All)
    Admin: ""
    IUSR: (RX)(RX)
    Inetsrv System: Full Control (All)(All)
    Admin: ""
    Everyone: (RX)(RX)

    Anyone possibly know where I can do this?
    and I cant find no win2k forums, so dont whine thats it not about XP.... ;)
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    thanks ill have a look around :cool: