win xp lockup

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tdoggg, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Tdoggg

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    when i run win 98 i have no problems . But when i run win xp i get a could not complete a drawing operation error and it will sometime hardlock when brousing the internet any help would be great. I have a celeron 1.3 and and ecs p6s5at motherboard and a msi gf4 ti 4200, 256 pc 133 ram, realtek rtl 8139/810x family pci fast ethernet card and sb live value sound card. g
  2. ignipotentis

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    This sounds like a video card driver issue... (drawing operation error) XP had problems with video cards early on... remove your driver, use a vga driver, restart... then install the detinators... hope that helps :)
  3. Cosmin

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    Same problem as I have I quess .
    Our motherboard does not support AGP4x wich is normally for GF4 series ( Leadtek GF4MX 440 here ) ; maybe this is the cause but first specify your Power Supply .

    Driver for GF .. ws unable to complete a drawing operation , please check manufacturer for driver update " .

    Any other driver (tried a lot) will not repair this even a bios update ..
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    my power supply is 235 watts
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    buy new mother board and video card