Win Sounds are choppy after Sp1

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XP Abuser, Oct 3, 2002.

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    hi all! i got the xp sp the first day it was officially released i installed it with the backup option but after that the windows sounds were choppy (in that i mean they played paused then played the rest) so today i decided to do a clean install then installed the service pack first and still had the same problems i searched google and the whole of microsofts web site but i cant find any reference to it at all. can you tell me if youve got the same prob and maybe point me into the direction of any patches

    btw! im running xp pro cheers!!!:D
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    doesn't sound like a problem with windows, sounds like a problem with your sound card. i'd recommend updating your drivers. if the problem still persists, i'd look into buying a better soundcard! ;)
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    could be i got onboard sound
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    no hang on wouldnt music and others sounds be choppy too cuz all other audio is playing only windows sounds are giving me jip