Will these devices work together?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Eiji, Feb 15, 2006.

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    I purchased a Netgear WGR614v4 router (WGR614NAR) and a Netgear WGE101 (WGE101NAR) wireless bridge from eBay for a cheap price as they are American and refurbished but supplied with UK plugs. They have been working fine for the past few months.

    I now want to purchase a Netgear FS605 Ethernet Switcher (FS605UK) but its a used UK model.

    Would it work with the American versions of the router and bridge?

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    i would think so, the only reason they say american or uk i think is because of the voltages, (america=110volts uk=220) if im wrong someone correct me, reason they do this, is so u dont stick the "american version" into a 220v socket and fry it then try to get an rma.
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    Yeah that should be the only real difference...
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    BTW, I don't know if they sell them in the UK, however some of the hardware stores here, have had a device for people traveling over seas which would allow them to use their American appliances in the UK and the like. Basically, it's a transformer that will take the 220 v offered there, and convert it to the appropriate voltage for the US version of a given appliance...

    That might help (if you can find one), should you get stuck with the wrong version...

    As to whether they are the same, I would's expect them to be different, with the switch (as I looked up the model number) using 10/100 fast Ethernet... I've heard of some WAN technologies differing, for instance the T1 used in the US != to the E1 used in Europe, either in terms of the number of bearer channels, or how it's layed out (aka where the delta channel is located); but ethernet is ethernet as far as I know...