Why does XP want me to re-activate?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Powerchordpunk, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Whenever I edit startup programs, win.ini or anything else in msconfig, I reboot and it wants me to activate windows. I try to do it online, but no connection can be established. Is there a way I can stop this? All I can do is use go-back to stop the problem.

    Actually, it only happens around 75% of the time.
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    I'd get in touch with Biilys boys...if you make drasyic changes to your system, the os won't recognize the computor, but it sounds like you're not making drastic changes...call Billy up, they should have a fix for ya
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    Or do like most of us here and get yourself a copy of XP Professional, which DOES NOT need an activation key to work. That's one thing I'll never accept from Microsoft. Not only they keep rising their prices while all PC system prices are dropping (making the average system cost the same as before), but they force you to use ONE CD per machine, which is a total theft.

    Trust me, next time you get a PC, buy pieces separately, don't buy package deals, and ask the HDD to be formated but NOTHING on it. Get a friend to burn you a copy of XP Pro and install it yourself.

    I might get slapped for this post, but I don't care.. besides, who here, besides newbies that got XP Home with their new Dell PC, bought XP Pro for their own personal use!?? Common.. let's be honest...
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    lol ill fess up =P preach on Z
  5. I thought you had to activate all versions of xp and only corporate didn't have to be activated. I have no problem with xp home. like i said, i use goback, no need for the remote desktop crap cuz i run a ftp site, and i don't have a dual processor system.
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    Well, if your friend gives you a copy of XP Pro, it IS the corporate one.... But from what I was told, only the Home version needs to be activated. Do not confuse CD-Key and Activation.. it's not the same.
  7. I know you need a cd key, but you are saying that xp pro, which I can buy in the store for $200 is the corporate version. I have always been sure that all xps had to be activated, besides corporate. If you can buy pro-corporate in the store, wouldn't it not be corporate. You can't buy office xp corporate in the store. Hope i'm not making a fool out of myself.
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    say what?

    No not all XP pro's are corporate where the hell did that come from and yes xp pro needs to be activated unless you have a coporate key<<< that is the diff My xp pro is reg and activated it tells you when you install you need to activate it.....but when using a corp key it will work always where as if its a normal key it has to be unique where as a corp key could be 100 different machines.........but all the xp's are activated
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    Who talked about buying anything? *cough* *cough* Get yourself kazaa... search for XP pro corp, you'll have tons of hits... full ISO.

    But yes, I've read a bit more about it... and it's only activation-free isf you have a corporate version, or what they call "Volume licensing"

    read more there: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/newsroom/piracy/productactivationfaq.asp

    I simply, personally, will never pay for any of Microsoft products as long as everything will be the way it is now: far from cheap, you almost HAVE to use it if you have a PC (unless you have no life and do no games/sound/movies then use Linux...), and they won't make it open source...

    Actually, I never payed for anything on my PC but Banner Zapper, Tribes 2, Quake 3, Ultima online and Anarchy Online, which all needed a cd-key to play online.
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    Re: say what?

    I NEVER said that all XP Pro's were corporate, the guy can't read...

    And by the way... I have my XP Pro for more than 5 months, and I installed it on many PC's, and it NEVER even asked me for an activation. It's not cracked, but I did use a corporate CD-key.
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    so your saying without activation and you never used the hacked activation files you are running XP lolol well if that was true after so many reboots you would be locked out type that in run

    %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /A

    bet you $1000 it says windows is activated?

    and that happened the first time you connected to the net it has to be activated no choice unless you use the hacked files
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    do a search for this ........ wpa.dbl bet ya another $1000 you find one on your puter thats your fingerprint for your machine
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    It does say it's activated, so the CD-Key, which is a stolen one (duh, saw the same key on 500 different sites) is coming from a volume liscensing or something like that. But the nfo that came with the ISO said nothing about this version being a cracked one, it's a 100% mirror image of a corporate CD.

    I didn't use any hacked files.. But the ISO I burned said "XP Professional Corporate build 2600". So unless that's a cracked version like you think, and everybody around me lied, well, you're only partialy right hehe

    If the volume liscensing of MS really means you can have an unlimited number of reinstalls... then they have to encode the "Activated" status in the CD or it would be quite a pain in the ass don't you think? Poor IT's...

    But do you REALLY know every single details of "how the corporate version work"?

    I keep saying that I never did anything about activation, and that the ISO I got was said to be 100% pure corporate CD image, no junk added, no cracks, no hacks.

    edit: Besides, if they would need to make this kind of deal, I'm sure they wouldn't modify all the code to prevent the creation of that file you told me about... It might simply create it anyway, but it's by passing it cause it's corporate... That's how I'd program it anyway..
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    The only way the corporate-licensed version of XP Pro differs from retail is:

    a) no activation scheme
    b) configured for corporate licensing keys

    ... and I'm still not 100% certain that B is totally correct, in the respect that one licensing version of XP Pro may accept licenses from another. In the past (around the time of Windows98's release), MS keys worked not only across different packages of the same software, but different pieces of software altogether, e.g. a key for Office97 worked for Windows98, and vice-versa (and many "universal Microsoft keygens" began popping up on the warez scene as a result).

    As far as anyone's been able to discern in the five months or so since XP's release, there are no detectable differences between the corporate release and the retail release other than the former's lack of activation. In fact, I believe that the whole issue of keys becomes moot after installation as well, since XP apparently doesn't store your key in the registry at all, unlike Win9x and 2K.

    Yes, there ARE methods available on the net that will remove activation from retail editions of both Home and Professional (for obvious reasons, I'll refrain from posting links here). I don't have any experience with them, but they're supposedly reliable and in no way affect the OS otherwise.
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    Zee, I am curious now... there has not been a TRUE corporate version released in "da scene", not devil's, nor sinister. Also, if you get your shit from *cough*cough* kazaa, ... umm, you actually trust it all? Just to let ya know bro, I can pack a "trojan" (but it wouldnt be recognized as one) in that so called corp-iso and you would have no idea that it was there unless you did a hex mirror image comparison with a real corporate version. I myself was lucky enuff to really get a true corp from a company in Canada. Which when compared with the other "released" corp's, those were bloated by a few megs. Also I have ran the devils and yes sinister, call it boredom. But I wouldnt call it a true corp cuz of the added "hack" when adding the so-called "corp files" to the os... ie /i386/ files. Although you may have used a corporate key, which makes no difference, that doesnt mean that you have a TRUE corp. Although, who knows, maybe you know the same guy in Canada that I KNOW:rolleyes: ... who knows...

    2nd of all
    Dont believe anything you read, and only half of what you see. Seeing IS BELIEVING. ".nfo's" release so called retail final versions of software only to later to find out by others its only a beta, get my point?

    That is such a lame reference. Now first off, I think somethings are WAY overpriced. But if you use such things as Photoshop, flash, turbo tax (its tax season in the U.S.) or any useful app game ect on your pc, you should support some software engineers/developers on occasion, not just cuz you need a cd key to play online. I'm no software engineer/developer, but on occassion if the software is reliable and worth the money, I will fork out the bucks to pay for the software, most of these are utility app that ARE worth it. But your support of kazaa and the likes is just too funny. Others here may read your high stars on Kazaa and have no idea what may be lying in the wake for them. Also you have the profile from what I have gathered and read on this thread as being a leecher of "da scene", and no, you are NOT alone, but still you carry the label as a lamer

    3rd and final

    DROP Kazaa!! From your replies, I would gather that you use it. If you love spyware, trojans and the like, be my guest and keep it by all means.

    To Kermit:

    Its not the # of boots, its the # of days, 10 or 30

    To Gnu:

    I would do a closer comparision, ie: file creation, version, ect
    There are actually many 'versions' of this OS out there, if you happen to run across them all, you will see a few of the following... verison of setup.exe (2600.0 , 2600.1, 2600.2, 2600.4 , 2600.5) Most of these you wont see, you probly have the 2600.0, and then tell me "see I have the corp". This doesnt mean you have the corp. Do a comparison with a retail or a REAL corp version and you will see what I mean here.

    Well, this rant was not meant to be a flame to anyone, but more of an informing reply by me cuz for a LONG time now, there has been this discussion on many diff boards as to what is what exactly, so dont go and get your feelings hurt:cool:
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    I am one of the few that bought, paid cash, installed, registered, and activated xp pro.
    I have had to call to activate twice during a reinstall on the same system that I bought it from.
    I am running legal, BUT how can I stop needing to activate every time I reinstall???
    Also, someday I might want to install my bought disk on a second system.
    I guess that would make me only one-half legal!?!?!
    In simple terms, can it be done? How?
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    if you want to stop having to activate everytime you re-install just copy the wpa.dbl file to a disk and keep it safe, as long as your hardware doesn't change you can just replace the wpa.dbl after the reinstall and the activation will go away. This is not a hack this is a MS recommended tactic, and it is listed in almost all the winxp books.

    As for everyone thinking they have a corp version.

    I work at QVC in the IT dept. We have a corp copy of XP for when we migrate our general workstations over because right now we use a combo of win98 and on some station 95!!!!

    On the version installed on my workstation which is the corporate version if you goto the oobe /a screen the parameter does not work, you just get a invalid switch error message. there is still a wpa.dbl, but it doesn't control anything, i've even gone as far as deleting it and windows just remakes it at reboot, but doesn't give any error or warning or such.

    maybe this is just our copy of corp and things have changed since we received it before XP was even shipping out to stores, but this is just my experience.
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    Windows XP Pro. If you go out and buy it,like at Best Buy and use the corporate key (you can find on the net), when you install and not the key that comes with it , there will be NO actvation !!!!

    Plan and simple !!!

  19. Qumahlin

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    um that is not true, my friend tried that, it didn't even accept the key. He tried quite a few different keys..I might be wrong, but it would be odd.

    hence why the XP keygen has 2 options, one for XP, one for corp
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    MAN! I NEVER said I used Kazaa to get the ISO, I said you COULD get it there. A friend of mine (in Canada, yes.. I'm in Montreal), sent me the ISO he got from a link from work (he works at Microbytes, which is a computer store). I'm not that dumb man, common. I KNOW too well kazaa is full of shit. And I always have my antivirus and firewall up and running. I scan every file I download with updated dat files... So take it back please.

    As for paying for photoshop and other Adobe products.. well, I would if I had the money. But paying a total of 2000$ canadian for all the graphic softwares I would need to use is just out of the question. Espescially since it doesn't even give you free new versions...

    And I don't remember which warez group it was for the NFO, but I know it was one of the old school ones, I just forgot the name and the ISO is burnt now.. so the nfo is gone. I'm not 100% sure the nfo was meant for the ISO though, I think my friend only gave it to me for the serial inside... I'd have to ask him.

    Just in case, the guy's name starts with a C, and has 5 letters.

    Just don't think I'm some dumb noob wannabe who downloads anything and believes everything... I said Kazaa cause I can't really talk about my other true sources here you see!?

    Edit: I might be leeching yes, but only because I can't afford the upload bandwidth to share stuff, cause I'd have an FTP running 24/7. I just have a life yousee, and I don't have the time to spend 10 hours a day watching scrolling lines in a mIRC channel or try to get private FTP accounts. Besides, I get what I want when I need it only, so it's not like I'm leeching 24/7 man.. chill out.