Why do companies try to protect products from being copied?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ThePunkerGuy, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. ThePunkerGuy

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    What I do not understand is why companies (video, games, audio) try to prevent their stuff from being copied.. they spend millions upon millions researching this stuff.. don't they realize that no matter how much they try someone somewhere is going to crack it and share it with the rest of the world? It seems to me that they should give up and save the money..
    - Mike
  2. Iceman

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    I understand why they do,

    for the same reason you lock your house when u leave, or the reason you lock your car in a bad neighborhood. It's not going to stop somebody from stealing your car or ripping off stuff from your home, but u have to protect your property somehow

    but it does deter the amateurs, and that's all it has to do.
  3. stuy_b

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    well if your a company thats made say a game, then there are bills that need paying.. peoples pay for doing the work, promotonal expenses, which they get back from the cost.

    If they did it for nothing, they wouldnt bother making it anything special, cos they wouldnt have any incentive.

    Personally I hate people that pirate software, cos your the ones that make software houses bump up the price, cos they have 2 find new ways to try and stop it, which costs.

    Maybe if we lived in a StarTrek world where everyone is not worried about money it'll be ok. (windows XXXXXXI !! )
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    What Iceman said. :eek:
  5. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    A certain amount of time/money is spent developing software. Games are written for your "gaming pleasure," and to put bread on the tables of the software developers/investors any any other personnel associated with it's research/development/marketing/sales, down to the guy that stocks it on the store's shelves. In other words, it's business. In the end everybody is happy!:)
  6. phatphunky

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    I agree, but...

    I have no concerns with buying software, but there is no justification from these large corporations charging the amounts they do... Walk into any computer software store and look at the price tags... What makes Adobe think I'm going to dish out $1000 + tax for PhotoShop 7.0? Microsoft $700 + tax for Office XP?

    There was a time when you could buy software for under $30, regardless of what it did... You now know how software piracy started and why it will continue...

    The answer is not to spend mega money on protecting the software... the answer is simple... lower the cost of your product... If Microsoft dropped the price of Office XP to $30 as an example, how many people would run out and purchase the original product?

    I'm happy to say that my copy of Microsoft Office XP is pirated and I feel no shame... and I still have the $700 in my pocket... The product, in my opinion, is not even worth $50... No word-processor is... I read in the news that Microsoft reached 60 million liscences for this product... Let's see, they made $42,000,000,000 on this one product... Do I feel sorry for them? No way... I will not pay this type of money for software that will have bugs and will be updated in 2 years anyway... Let corporations dish out this money... I won't...
  7. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    This is a fairly dodgy subject, yes I think that the software developers should be paid for their work, but some of the prices for the software are insane. Windows XP $300, yes I can understand and would have paid for that (got upgrade instead) as you will be using it everyday and it is fairly decent.
    I am attracted to the idea of playing with 3D graphics, is there any thing I can use to do this...
    All of the pieces of software (the ones worth using) are about $600 to I have seen one that is $10,000. How many people are their in the world that are being stunted by these huge prices. I have used a piece of freeware 3d graphics package, it was terrible because the developer had no real passion to make it compete with 3D Studio Max, or Cinema 4D.

    I have now done some tinkering with Cinema 4D (a old version was on a PCPLUS DVD), but I cant get any of the decent type of images produced.

    I have posted pics of a lightsabre I made using 3D Studio Max 4 which a friend of mine had (not sure if Retail or pirate now that I think about it) but I was able to produce a product I was proud of.
  8. Jewelzz

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    We don't accept talk of warez, cracks or piracy. If it continues this thread will be closed!
  9. Cosmin

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    In my opinion this is an interesting ideea of discussion but I respect also Jewelzz suggestion .
  10. phatphunky

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    I also agree with Jewelzz...

    but this topic was not about those nasty things... It was about corporations spending mega bucks on protecting their investments and why they don't work...

  11. neoterixx

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    I agree that companies need to protect their software, I also agree that they overcharge for their products. I think that HACKERS, CRACKERS, and programmers do what they do because they can. I won't lie if I knew how to break into my friends computers to get some info from them I so would. :D
  12. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    Its a power thing, the companies do it cause they can, and the Crackers, Hackers and so on undo it because they can. The new measures put in place are simply a new challenge for the hackers, crackers, code jackers.

    The prob that I see with this is that we the public get screwed over by these power trips.

    Eventually people will join one of the two sides, the real thing that needs to be done is a propaganda war, showing the corps to be on the side of good, M$ anti-trust lawsuits dont help the corps in this. Also AOL TimeWarner hassling M$ about Netscape and IE, and Real hassling M$ about windows Media Player doesnt help the public see these people as anything more than money/power hungary wankers.
  13. ikester7579

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    There's one thing you have to understand. If it were not for the illegal copies being made, there would not be the need for companies spending so much money protecting there investment. And besides do you know how many hours go into making a program like xp? It's not just writting it. It's all the testing involved. and when theres a problem solving it. With all the money and people that microsoft has, they can only turn out a new operating system a year or more. Do you know that when they are writting the program and trying it out that hardware is burnt up left and right? Also the people that write this stuff are paid big bucks because not everyone can write a whole operating system that works with almost everything. And even when it's done it still has bugs because it's out in the real world! In the test faze Microsoft can't do real world stuff for everything. You wanna wait 2 more years for it maybe they have all the bugs worked out.
    and on those products that cost thousands of dollars. Even if they were 30 bucks like you say people will still copy them. 30 bucks compared to the price of a cdr disk. And because companies like adobe have a very high quality program they have to sell it for that price. It's not a gotta have product like an operating system is. If it were 30 bucks, I would not buy it because I don't have a use for it. And thats goes for 50% or more of the people out there. It called supply and demand, which affects the price. Good example is Walmart. They have a big demand and sell alot of product, So their products are less in price. If adobe sold 50% more their price would drop. Try writting even a small program and you will respect what they do. I have and it's not easy. ikester
  14. Dreamss

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    Im fence strataling here, I believe both sides. but as for the reason of why they sell these programs so HIGH is simple, Because they can. Another reason is because we will buy it because we want it and will pay the price they set. I dont believe that Hackers and crackers have any affect on the price, and in a perfect world where they didnt exist, the price would not be changed. Also, I dont believe the cost of making it would change it too much either, It is supply and demand, if you want it how much are you willing to pay for it. They do push it to the MAX
  15. open_source

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    Re: I agree, but...

    It is a sign of real intelligence when you post on a popular website that you steal the software that you use. Why don't you just make it easier for the local police and send them a letter with your return address and tell them when and where you break the speed limits? If you are going to be a theif at least use some common sense and do not brag about it.
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    I've got a bucket of cold water, and I know how to use it!!