Why did my Network crash? MrxSMb #8003

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by drdoug26, Nov 28, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    My office network was knocked out of action today for about an hour. For some reason one of my XP Pro workstations 'THREE' sent a 'server announcement' over the network thinking it(workstation 'three') was the 'Master Browser? My Win2k Server should be the master browser! thinks were running so smooth too!!! errgggg!!!

    Here is the System log entry from my win2k Server: (MrxSmb - event 8003) "The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer THREE that believes that it is the master browser for the domain on transport NeBT_Tcpip_{F86F96321-C90E-49DB-99A}. The master browser is stopping or an election is being forced."

    My staff said all of the sudden the network just went down all at once. NOBODY WAS EVEN WORKING ON WORKSTATION "THREE" which appears to be the culprit??

    My server is isolated from the workstations and runs off a different hub which is 'uplinked' to the main hub. I originally thought that the server’s hub went out cause initially all the workstations could see each other (but not connect to each other) but I could not see/ping the server from any of the workstations. When I got on the server, I could not see/ping any of the work stations. A simple restart of the server did NOT work.

    I had to physically shut off all workstations, the server, and even unplug the power supply to the hubs, and then start things up in order: Server, Client "one", "two" etc. Finally I was back up.

    Any ideas why workstation 'THREE' sent out such a message? How do I prevent this from happening again? I done a google search and found only a few articles on this type of error.

    Any Help is, as always, greatly appreciated.


    Doug G.

    Heres my network setup.

    5 Clients all running WinXP pro, Domain: Chiro
    * Static IP’s assigned to all clients and all client DNS’s are pointed towards the SERVERS DNS/IP
    -IP: – 15

    1 Server running Win2000 Server (sp3)
    * Static IP’s (DHCP NOT installed)
    •Domain Controller with Forwarders set to ISP’s DNS numbers (63.255.254.xxx)
    •Services installed: DNS (that’s it) (other than: TCP/IP, File&Print sharing, and Clients for MS networks)
    • DNS (chiro.local)Note: I do not have a web domain name:

    1 Netopia Router – serving up DSL
    IP: public (63.139.0.xxx)
    Gate:63.139.0.xxx (same as the IP)
    Primary DNS: 65.80.130.xxx
    2ndary DNS: 65.80.131.xxx
    Domain Name: megpathdsl.net
    rip: 0ff
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    i looked up your error at www.eventid.net. you should check out the site. click the "search events" item at the top of the page. enter your event id number(8003) and the source(MrxSmb). it gives you a registry fix for your problem. do it on all your machines EXCEPT your server.

    hope this helps
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    Thanks oDin,

    That should do the trick.