White screen at boot

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ninernut, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. ninernut

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    Intermittent problem.....at start, system boots to blank white screen, and hangs, forcing a warm boot....any ideas would be appreciated........my system is:
    dell dimension 4400
    P4 - 1.6ghz
    40GB HD
    256 RAM
    nVidia GeForce2mx4x 64mb
    SB live sound card
    16x CDRW

    System worked fine for three weeks, now this. Have tried to reset from point before white screen issue appeared, but that doesnt solve problem..........
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    can u get back into windows? after that white screen? and is ur mobo posting? are you seeing the bios info, and boot sequence, ect?
  3. ninernut

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    thanxxx for responding.......sequence is: 1) dell.com splash screen; 2) Black screen for 2-3 secs; 3) blank white screen; 4) no further activity; can't cntl-alt-del to task mgr., nothing; 5) reboot, boots up normally, i.e., dell screen to winxp splash, to desk top...i've searched a lot of knowledge bases and not a lot of people seem to be having this problem
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    make sure your graphics card is seated really good in the agp slot, next time ur mobo is posting, ie where its showing ur bios info? look and see if its showing a bios revision for your graphics card. not sure if it will show it there, have u overclocked your graphics board latley? if so u might have fried it. before you go
    pulling out hardware to find the problem, my advice would be to
    format and do a fresh install, (iknow it suxxer) but if you do that
    and still have that white screen, its a good bet the card is toast,
    or the mobo, this is a new one , the white screen thing throws you off a bit, so i dont think its a memory, or driver issue.
    make sure your mobo bios is up to date. i might have misunderstood , but you are getting to ur desktop right?
    also what size powersupply do you have? you need no less than 300watts, for geforce cards. another thing to try is if you have
    anything in the pci slot right under the agp slot, move it down
    and leave that one free, itll steal from the agp slot like a theif in tha night, lol think about what all you have installed or messed
    with in the last 3 weeks, when it was working, let me know.:confused: this is a tough one but nothing is impossible,hehe