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    And you thought Antennagate was the last hurrah in the epic saga that is Apple’s iPhone 4 release.

    Early into the production of the iPhone 4, Apple announced that the white version of the wildly popular device would be delayed due to manufacturing issues. Apparently, getting the white on the phones to be perfectly consistent using the manufacturing technologies employed at the factories wasn’t delivering the standard of results that iPhone’s are expected to have. Some people in the know have tried to explain why white is so much harder to reproduce consistently than black, but Apple never divulged the exact reason for the delay. The second half of July (which is now) was the expected release date, according to the announcement.

    In a statement this morning, Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 would be delayed even further, citing similar manufacturing problems. The vague announcement is disheartening to those who are waiting for the white iPhone 4. While it could be a redesign of the antenna that is slowing the production of the white iPhone 4, Apple could also be delaying the phone to only release it when WP7 launches.

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    It will be delayed again so they can get pretty white cases and bumpers ready :eek:

    How is the new phone Jewelzz? :D
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    Kinda thought this was to be expected. They have been talking about how hard they were to manufacture since before the regular phones release. Still not sure why anyone would want a white phone. :p