which video card?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by C.Y.A., Dec 6, 2003.

  1. C.Y.A.

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    i am debating on which ati card to get the 9600pro or the 9600xt?
    I was checking the comparison chart at ati.com and it seems the 9600xt beats the 9600pro but why is the 9600pro a $50 more?
  2. LeeJend

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    "Genuine" ATI verses Radeon or Sapphire (or now Asus, etc).

    SAZAR mentioned that, I think it was Sapphire, makes many of the Genuine ATI cards. So for grins I popped my system cover and sure enough there was that ugly Made in Taiwan sticker on the card. ATI is in Canada. ATI is having its cards built overseas so the "pay extra for genuine ATI" is a crock if the warantees are the same.

    As for Powercolor or ASUS. A GE2 card by Powercolor was one of the best built vid cards I have ever seen and you can't go wrong with ASUS.

    PS My ass is covered. I used to surf nude but my butt would stick to the vinyl chair. But, if there is anything you want off my PC help yourself. Skip the tax return, people have hurt themselves laughing after seeing it.