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  1. Hey I tried searching google and yahoo and (yes dont laugh) ask jeeves but haven't found my answer. My question is rather stupid. Which operating system should I use for storage on my network and also as an ftp/http server? Thanks
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    i use windows 2000 for my ftp/webserver. i know that there are some security issues with it but i am on a rather small network and i don't really worry about that too much.
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    best OS for storage and FTP and HTTP etc, is Linux/Unix OS. if u dont know how to operate it, i would use Windows .NET Server when it comes out of BETA or u can use it in BETA. if u have no time to wait i would use windows 2000 server/adv. server.

    windows 2000 pro is more of like for business use not really into servers like ftp and poop like that.
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    I recommend Mandrake Linux. Easy to use for any Linux newbie. ;) Has all you want and more. No need to install aditional software.
  6. if its for very low scale just file serving and small internet/intranet or something like that you could use 2000 pro or better yet xp and install iis(pier webs services its called on 2000) will work fine but has a 10 connection limit

    if you need more than that then 2000 server would work best
    if you want to stick with windows, if not as they say there are flavors of unix you can use
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    Just of interest to everyone - there have been more 'holes' found in Unix/Linux brands than in Windows brands this year so don't believe the hype about Windows being crap - at least you can get the patches easily with HFNetcheck
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    I would use Windows 2000 Server w/ Active Directory for the network's fileserver, and a UNIX/Linux server for web and ftp

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    You need to recheck your sources for this. Microsoft still has more security holes than any *nix distro. Yes their have been holes found in some of the server apps for *nix but they are patched much quicker than any Microsoft hole.
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    w0lv3rin3 is on the right track. If you want a stable and secure server look at one of the linux distros. Is much cheaper (free compared to $1000 minumum for Micr$oft Server) and is a much better server.
  11. i would, if you wanted one machine to do it all, use 2k server. you can also do more in future or now like create a domain, vpn connections, or add other stuff on top of it for proxy/firewall/email/etc....

    i have a server running on friends dsl running backoffice 2k running domain with ts/web/ftp/vpn/file&print services/mac services/ and added ISA2k proxy/firewall and exchange2k email.
    all runs very well on an intel dual 500 server board
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    You can do all this on a Linux box that will run considerably faster on the same hardware and again is free instead of several thousand dollars.
  13. we could do this all day.......

    no you cannot do everything i said if you read it correctly i was being specific.....
    you cannot use unix to create a microsoft domain with active directory
    you cannot use unix to create vpn and file and print sharing using a user account directory logon and permissions properly
    you cannot put another specific program ontop of unix like exchange 2000 or isa 2000

    sure you can do alot of that stuff with a unix box like files, printing, email, firwall but not have it all integrated in a MS domain with one logon and permissions set accordingly

    sometimes its a waste of time to post here cause someone, beside the person asking the original question, wants to start a pissing contest............
    intel........no amd
    microsoft.........no unix
    left.......no right
    north......no south
    :) ........ no :mad:

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    Networking File Server | HTTP / FTP

    I would highly recommend using Redhat Linux 6.2 - 7.2, or +8.0 if unable to obtain an older copy of this operating system.

    If you are just totally unformiliar w/ the Unix | Linux style OS's, then I would recommend using either W2K | Win X P Professional b/c of its NTFS file system (for security & reliability) & its file server utilities built into it.

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    Not starting a pissing contest just helping him do what he needs to do without wasting money.

    He is jsut wanting a file/web server. Spending $1000 on W2k Server would be stupid for this. For what he said he want to do no reason for W2k Server.

    Redhat 6.2 can be compromised in under 10 minutes. Also the latest version is 7.3 not 8.0. ;) Install 7.3 and you should be fine. Throw samba and apache on it and all is good. Just make sure you run up2date in order to install and security patches.