Which of these would be a better investment...?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Tetherton, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Tetherton

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    I recently bought a Sony VAIO PCG-GRX520 laptop. Overall I am very impressed with the computer. I do alot of gaming and would like a better picture. Would adding more RAM or a better GPU be the way to go. Here are the current specs:

    Pentium 4 1.6-Mobility (btw....whats the difference in Mobilitly)
    30GB HDD
    ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 w/32mb DDR SDram
    256MB Ram
    CD/RW-DVD Combo Drive
    Windows XP Home Edition

    I am interested in either the ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility or one of the new GeForce4 Mobility series if I go the GPU route. Any opinions would be appreciated...THX all....
  2. OTE

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    i didnt realise u could acctually upgrade such a component in a laptop. I would be inclined to wat for the GF4 mobility range. As the image quality will be as good as the Radeon and the performance will be slightly better than the Radeon also. If you want it now the Rad9000 is not a bad choice and is currently the top mobility graphics chip.
  3. Tetherton

    Tetherton Guest

    When is the Geforce4 series due out. Also is there any site that you know of that sells the Radeons. I can not find them other than Ebay. Even there they are running arround 200 dollars.
  4. Nick M

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    I would get a better graphics card :)
  5. Nin.Co

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    well, i also did not know that you could upgrade a labtop that easily, but if you want to decrease loading times for levels and programs.

    get RAM.

    if you want to get better and faster graphic then

    get a new GPU
  6. Sazar

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    currently the best option would be to get a 9000mobility...

    the new gf4 mobile solution is based on the gf4 ti series... the 4200 actually...

    they are delayed a bit due to various concerns... namely temperature and power draw :)

    the new ati solutions should also be coming out soon... based on the new dx9 cores...
  7. Bootsy

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    Miami, Fl
    I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FXA36, older model than yours and from what I found theres no way to change the video adapter...have you done research? is it possible? i'd like to upfgrade too (if possible)