Which is the BEST Firewall ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by indyjones, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. indyjones

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    Hi all really stuck here and hoping for a good information input. I am looking for a simple firewall solution. I am would be fine a technical one as I am fairly well skilled with a PC.
    The three firewalls I have used are: -
    MS XP Pro personal firewall - stop using as conflicts with MSN Messenger!
    Latest Blackice Defender client- too much other junk and proved to be a pain to use
    Zonealarm Pro -the worst suffered great reduction in Internet speed and no end of other problems!:mad:

    I would like a firewall that will be fine for dial-up connection which will allow P2P software etc I am running Norton Antivirus 2003 PRO so am not worried about viruses and tweak-xp pro takes care of popups and ads, I also have ad-aware to keep spyware free so all I want is a PURE firewall any help would be much appreciated!
  2. sboulema

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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    me uses norton firewall 2003 and im very happy with it :)
  3. damnyank

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  4. Kr0m

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    Weird, no problems with Zone Alarm Pro here.
  5. tibboh

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    Best firewall

    Unable to say its the best, but i have tried a few, and Norton Firewall 2003 has worked with less hastle than all the rest so far, and does not conflict (obviously) with my Norton virus checker (2003)

    suck it and see
  6. polyglory

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    I had NFW 2002, subscription was running out upgraded to NFW2003 and had problems installing it , followed supports two attempts to get it in.

    My system checked out Aok and I have asked for and got a refund. ( running on XP Home )

    At the beginning of the year I had three Norton Programs, now I have none.
    My choice I know after the last one, I am now trying out Sygate Pro, so far it looks very good and in all probality I will end up buying it.

    I am making use of the trial period on the firewalls, before I decide which one to buy.:)
  7. Jewelzz

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    I'm running NAV2002 and NIS2002, haven't had any problems with either.
  8. Hm... I was just thinking of switching to Zone Alarm, and in trying out the Pro trial on my laptop, I can't load any websites. I don't know what half the stuff it's asking me about to connect to the internet is... I'm having no luck with it. I wanted to like it but I can't even surf with it. Do you know what's up with that?

    Does anyone know where to get a list of what needs to connect to the internet in order to get to websites? I don't want to allow programs that have no need to connect. And I don't want to allow stuff that I don't know what it is.
  9. renakuajo

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    good and simple to use: KERIO
  10. veronica

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    i use zone alarm pro. no problem. it ask's me do i want to let AOL in. i click on detail's and allow it. same with kazaalite. the only one i am confused about is win32.
  11. Iceman

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    Sygate Pro

    I have spoken

    carry on

  12. Kr0m

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    I suggest you do a search for information regarding these programs that want to connect to the internet. You should know what these programs are regardless of a firewall, not to mention that you'll see them asking or wanting access in any firewall.

    For me, the Generic Host Process for Win32 Services needs access to be able to do anything on the net.
  13. lion7718

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    If you want the simple version of ZoneAlarm, get ZA Plus.
    It is kinda like old 2.6 Pro, just a Firewall without all the extras.
    I have also tried Sygate Pro, it's not bad, just a little confusing at 1st, if you have only used ZA.
  14. jroc

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    This is like asking.."which came first...the chicken or the egg"....but I know the anwser

    Sygate Pro.....came first :happy:
  15. BonyTony

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    Sygate Pro here too.....easy to use and stable.
  16. syn

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    i use NIS 2003, i love it, works great, very secure. haven't had any problems with it
  17. Kr0m

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    I guess the bottom line is, to try them out for yourself if you choose not to take someone's word on one particular program.

    If you do choose to try more than one and uninstall a previous program, make sure you do a complete uninstall, if you don't, it could create some unwanted problems. Maybe check on the program manufacturer's website, in the FAQ section etc... for specific/detailed uninstall directions.

    A couple months ago I figured that I'd try some various firewall programs, which consisted of Zone Alarm, Kerio, Sygate, Norton and a couple others. All weren't bad but I was used to Zone Alarm Pro & its GUI & options so I opted to stick with it. I'm sure once you actually take the time to get used to whichever program you choose, you'll like it. Each program has its own pros & cons.
  18. Howling Wolf

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    And I followed...

    ...using it and happy with it ! :)
  19. Burpster

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    Norton Personal Firewall 2003 Pro

    does what its supposed to do ...never a problem!!