which firewall is better?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, May 30, 2002.

  1. i was thinking of installing one just in case. which one outthere is good?
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    I prefer Norton Internet Security 2002, but then again, I am partial to any product carrying the Norton/Symantec name. NIS2002 is very easy to setup and use. It is also very informative.
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    Well you will get lots of answers to this question but I personaly prefer Zone Alarm. And the new Zone Alarm blocks ads and popups when surfing the net too.

    But there are others out there that work just as good.
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    Try using the forum search and you should come up with quite a few threads regarding firewalls and such. That way we don't need another thread going over all the firewalls again heheh
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    I don't know how good you are with this stuff, but I'm a "newbie". Whenever I try a new program "ease of use" and "simplicity" are biggies for me.

    I've tried ZoneAlarm. Maybe I'm a little slow, but I found it confusing and more trouble than I felt like messing with.

    I also think anything from "Symantec/Norton's" is great. I have NSW 2002, but didn't get the Internet Security extra. I'm cheap too.

    I didn't get the extra's because I'd found "Sygate's Personal Firewall". I love it. It's a free download, easy to install, easy to configure (practically setup and forget), works great!. I checked it at the Symantec site for vunerabilities, it passed with flying colors. Did I mention it was free too!
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    Sygate's Personal Firewall is the best out there especially if you buy the Pro version
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    I prefer Norton Internet Security 2002 , i cannot change your opinion but u may try it :p
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  9. i try norton's firewall first and then Sygate's if i'm not satisfied with norton. thanks for help