Which Firewall Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. contender

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    Which Firewall Do You Prefer? Why? What has your experiences been with other firewalls?

    Note: I forgot to add Agnitum Outpost Firewall to the Poll as it is also one of my favorite firewalls and looking forward to the release of Ver. 2
  2. contender

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    I know and understand that the whole topic on firewalls are one of those discussions where everyone has their own opinions on whether to use one or not and which one is best.

    I have tried many different firewalls and there's always something missing it seems with everyone you try. I am more persuaded to use a rule based firewall as of late becuz i like having more control over what is blocked and allowed and currently I am using NPF. I like it becuz it has pre-established rules for certain ports and for trojans and I also like that it does offer me the ability to customize my rules, it blockes browser info along with many other things. Its an all-in-one privacy app I guess in some sense.
  3. Majin

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    yup since i got my router i have had no hacking activity on my home network. i use norton for its excelent ad blocking and some program control.dont ezzactly trust it to do much more than that anyway.
  4. Enyo

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    Hardware NAT router, Local Proxy solution and Kerio 2.1.4

    For those interested DSLR Firewall Poll II includes:

    Zone Alarm
    Zone Alarm Pro
    Kerio Personal firewall
    Tiny Personal Firewall
    Norton Personal Firewall
    Sygate / Sygate Pro
    Lockdown 2000
    Black Ice IDS
    Snort IDS
    A software firewall and an IDS
    Just a NAT capable router
    A router and a software firewall
    A proxy Server
    *NiX flavoured
    Proxy server / router /software



    Firewall Config Poll:

  5. NetRyder

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    New York City
    Hardware NAT router, and Sygate on my desktop.

    Haven't installed a software firewall on this laptop yet. Might give Kerio a shot.