Which ATI 8500 driver gives you the best 3dmark scores?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ikester7579, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. ikester7579

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    I have found that the driver ending in 43 gives me the best score. Vote for the driver you like. Only vote if you have tried the last three drivers for Ati 8500. That way we get the best opions from everyone. Also list your scores here, and what kind of system you have and whether or not it's over clocked. Maybe thru this thread we can help one another get better scores. Mine score is 7657 on 3dmark 2001se.

    1.4 gig Athalon
    Aazza mobo with via chip set
    266 fsb sdram @ 133 no overclock just tweaks.
    20 and a 10 gig hd
    Ati card 8500 128 ddr no overclock just tweaks.
    768 megs of sdram
  2. OTE

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    I have found the 6071's perform best so far:


    (is there any way to put saved results online after closing down 3Dmark2001SE, otherwise i'd have posted the link, but when I ran the test i couldn't connect to madonion.com)

    My system:
    AMD Athlon 1.4 o/ced from 1.3
    256DDR 2100
    Radeon 8500 tweaked but not o/ced using rage3d tweaker:
    40GB Maxtor 7200rpm 2Mb buffer
    Jetway V333DA mobo - one of the bes available IMHO
  3. ikester7579

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    Just under your 3d mark score it says online browser. You get online after the test and click that button and you will go to their web site. There you will be able to post your score and compare it to others who have simular computers and graphics cards. Do you have x-setup? You can get little more out of the system and higher bench scores through this also. You can download it here:
    http://www.xteq.com/ Tweaks galore in this program!