Where to place external temp sensor?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Vulcan, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. Vulcan

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    I have a MSI 845 Ultra (6398 MB) with a PIV 2Ghz processor and I have just changed case to a ThermalTake XaserII 6000. The case came with an external temp sensor that "can be placed anywhere".

    The reason I changed case was that my temp readings was very high:

    CPU Idle 50C, stressed 72C
    MB 40C idle, 46C stressed
    HD0 62C, HD1 48C.

    The XaserII 6000 comes with 5 fans and I now have the following readings:

    CPU 45-50C idle, 58-62C stressed,
    MB 31C idle, 35C stressed,
    HD0 35C and HD1 28C.

    I managed to get the temps down substantially with the new board but I still think that the reading for the CPU is a bit high and since I understand that there are issues with MSI temp readings I thought that I would use the external temp sensor with the CPU and see what happens. The questions is where to I put the sensor (under the processor, between the processor and the heatsink (bad idea?), attached to the heatsink) to get the most accurate/true reading?

    The XaserII lets me control the CPU speed (high, medium, low) and the question is shall I do this manually or shall I leave the CPU speed control to the board or to a program like SpeedFan?

    Any input is highly appreciated.

  2. jumpy

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    Have you got a pic of what your sensor looks like?

    If it is thin enough, the most accurate reading is under the die of the cpu taking the sensor through the pins. Otherwise just put it on the substrate as close as possible to the heatspreader.

    Don't you mean cpu fan speed :p
    It depends how much control you want to have :D If you can't be bothered doing it yourself, leave speedfan to do it.
  3. Vulcan

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    I attach a pic of the sensor. It is very thin and I'll try (bribe my son to do it) to put it under the die of the CPU.

    I never makes any mistakes :rolleyes: I know that I wrote CPU Fan Speed. It has happened before (quite often actually) that part of my text disappears in cyberspace on its way to various forums.
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    If you're going to put it under the die of the cpu, just make sure the sensor wires are insulated for the part where it goes through the pins. You don't want a fried p4. :)

    It happens at the best of times.......
  5. Vulcan

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    Also happens with attachments. To be on the safe side I include the internet address as well: http://www.thermaltake.com/support/installations/XaserII.htm
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    i just put together one of these cases for my mate and i reckon they are excellent. What I find is best is connecting all the case fans up to the fan speed switch rather than the cpu fan as i didnt want to muck around with the voltages to the cpu fan in case some idiot switchs the switch to low and overheats the cpu. I think an adapter is supplied so u can connect all the case fans to the 3-pin connector.

    i didnt risk putting the sensor under the cpu, i just left it measuring ambient case temp.