where to find garibaldi motherboard?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mapotholik, Jan 18, 2006.

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    $102 dollars for a shop to replace a MB is not bad. The cheapest new Intel MB you will find is at least $65. I don't undersatnd how those auctions can be so cheap for their "buy it now" prices.

    If they install the MB and reload all the drivers for that amount I'd say thank you and let them do the work.

    Make sure:
    -They either back up your data or guarantee they can do the replacement without data loss.
    -You have all of the original CD's for any software you have installed in case there is a problem and windows has to be reloaded.
    -YOU need to make sure any digital liscences you have for music or videos stored on your disk are backed up. If you loose the digital liscences the music/videos will no longer work. This is for music you download from the pay sites and are liscenced for.
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    thanks very much. but the thing is that this motherboard can be found much cheaper at ebay even with the shipment cost. Thanks.

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    Not sure if this will really help you but I remember glancing at Overstock.com and seeing that they had 850 chipset boards for $45 after shipping. It sticks out in my mind because I have a P4 and a half gig of Rambus laying around that I'd really like to put back into use. I'm pretty sure that there were 2 or 3 for sale at that price.