Where the heck is Kerio 4????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, May 12, 2003.

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    Alright I hate when companies say they gonna release things at a certain date then don't follow thru, but anyways, just impatient I guess, but does anyone know?
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    Kerio what? Kerio has lots of products. If you are talking KPF, it is still in beta for resease 3! (not 4).

    See http://www.kerio.com/us/beta_section.html
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    Elroy there will be no final release of Kerio 3. Development is now focused on the 4th generation. Please see my older posts about this.

    contender, a beta of 4 was expected at the start of this month but no news has been passed to the community about when we may see kerio 4. This info was NOT OFFICAL and only a estimate from a devloper so they have not told you as a company when to expect it!

    Kerio 2.1.5 was released this week suggesting that the folks at kerio are still alive and working on KPF.

    The differance between the last beta (6) of 3 and the first beta of 4 will be minor, the application is going to be much the same but with the bugs worked out no doubt.

    At the end of the day the last release of kerio still rocks and does the job well so i dont belive there is much rush to get it out.

    Please visit the kerio forum and kerio yahoo group you will find so much more info and discussion there!

    Also the devlopers pop in and out of the yahoo group so info will break there first.

    Lots of people feel the same and want to know but we generally except its a free product that currently works just fine so therefore arent getting to caught up in the "delays".

    Edit: News from the Product Manager.

    Excuse his english. Good news for the eager beta folk. I would still state that if the beta does not appear this week dont get all "huffy" its in the pipeline. As this is from Tomas Soukup I would think its pretty acurate so you can get ready to play with the 4th generation :)
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    So how soon does that really mean that we are closer to getting it?
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    As its pre-release it should be a matter of days.

    I was expecting it this weekend, it should just need packaging and publishing to the site now.

    I dont know what the hold up is.