Where did the UNZIPPED file go?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by snoopster, May 16, 2002.

  1. snoopster

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    Here's the scenario:

    1) My customers download a zip file from my site (call it zip.exe) to their desktop.

    2) They then unzip the file to a folder (call it xyz) which I have set by default to be saved to their desktop, as follows...


    3) For all versions of Windows (98, 2000, etc.) EXCEPT XP, the customer finds the xyz folder (which contains 3 unzipped files) on their desktop - no problem.

    BUT, XP users do NOT find folder xyz on their desktop. Where is it? (I have not yet upgraded from my Windows 98 to XP so I can't determine this for myself).

    I would assume that customers can find the file by following this path...

    Start - My Computer - C Drive - Windows - Desktop - xyz

    Is this correct? If not, I'd really appreciate knowing the EXACT path to follow to the folder.

    Thank you - I appreciate the help!

  2. Electronic Punk

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    try looking in the folder c:\windows\desktop\xyz

    WindowsXP (and perhaps Win2k) will put the desktop here:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Electronic Punk\Desktop\

    where of course Electronic Punk is the user...
    There iwll also be an all users file in there too.
  3. snoopster

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    Thanks. This is what I had heard from someone else too, but apparently (from feedback from some of my customers), this path is where the ZIP file is located -- not the FOLDER containing the UNzipped files.

    Any thoughts?
  4. Brad

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    it has to do with where the users are sending the file to be unzipped to. usually it is a temp file. it really depends on which prog they are using for it tho. In WinZip for instance, i know you can set where it extracts to.