when i click on Shared folders, Xp crashes

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kReVy, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. kReVy

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    I have Xp pro on Two Fast Desktop machines, connected via Realtek 10/100 Nic's

    Both Fresh/Clean Instals

    IP on server is set as

    IP on client is set as

    Network names are both "OURHOME"

    Xp firewall is disabled.

    When i click on Network connections, then on "OURHOME"
    I see both the Computers Ok, so i click on the downstairs machine, Then i see all the shares. Now when i click on any of the shares XP crashes,
    (CLIENT - SERVER Works fine)

    both users/pass are set up on both machines, and permissions are set up correct........

    ICS is working fine, which i am happy about:) but tis shares thing if really bugging the hell outta me, i can see the shared drives/folers, but why the hell does XP lockup, then eventually crash?

    I have deleted the reg key that is in the post above, on both PC's and its still the same.......also read most the posts here, seems no-one has this crashing Problem....

  2. kReVy

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    ah i've sorted it:)

    I just installed the IPX protocol, seems ok now & fast too