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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by davidjevery, Nov 22, 2002.

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    What does the psapi.dll do? Its installed in the system32 directory. Can i delete it?

    I think some software installed it there and ever since it has slowed down the windows XP Home boot up, it takes about 3 minutes to boot into the desktop.

    Am i on the right track or is it something else thats caused the slow boot up?

    Be grateful for any help or suggestions.


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    Option #1:
    PSAPI.DLL is a DLL provided with the Win32 SDK which greatly simplifies the job of getting a task list and memory usage information under NT. This information is available in the dyamic data section of the registry, but the format is fairly obstructive and its a considerable task to extract it programmatically.

    Option #2:
    This DLL is necessary for certain Frontier verbs to work. The sys verbs are verbs that determine what applications are open and can bring one or another of them to the front.
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    The psapi.dll belongs to Windows. What makes you think that exactly this one little file is responsible for your boot problem?
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    If you aren't on a network, try disabling the Workstation Service.
  5. davidjevery

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    OK, cracked it!!!

    Deleted anything to do with InstallRite, and hacked the registry on anything to do with this program.


    Loaded and ran the program called Bootvis, this has solved the boot problem to a respectable speed.

    Thanks for your responses, hope this may be of help to someoone else