What paint?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by neoterixx, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. neoterixx

    neoterixx Guest

    What paint do I need if I wanted to paint my Case ?
  2. Eolis

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    I've heard of people using a good auto touch up spray, then using wax or whatever just like you would with a car. Seen some awesome stuff put out this way.........
  3. oDin

    oDin xp m0nk3y

    vancouver, bc
    i used metallic black car paint...work good...looks really really good

  4. natefrog

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    my question is why

    it's what it does not how it looks

    oh well to each his own
  5. Gnu

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    Because it's there.

    I love looking at case mods -- wish I had the time to do some modding myself. I'd love to try that see-through Pioneer DVD-ROM mod sometime.
  6. theone1

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  7. [CpK]Bastid

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    i did the dvd window mod...fairly easy..used a rotozip and then a file .....added a lazer led inside the dvd rom case itself....lights it up very well:)
  8. neoterixx

    neoterixx Guest

    Got a pic ?:D