what kind of connection is this?

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    I have no idea where this belongs so I'm guessing. At any rate I'm bored here at work and browsing some torrent sites (funny they block anything with "games" in the URL but p2p is fine) and I saw something that raised a question for me. Basically one of the sites said something like if you want to be come an uploader you must have at least a 10 mb upload. I've got 5mb down and like 256k or some crap up. What I'm wondering is what kind of connection provides 10 mb up? It's gotta have some obscene downstream speed and I'm guessing some equally obscene cost but I've never seen anything like this advertised. One of my friends is a networking tech at a phone company and he claims they can bump their dsl up to 20up and down for corporate clients but he won't tell me what it costs. Any idea what you'd need for a speed like this or how you go about getting it?
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    You have an Asynchronous ISP. That is usually ADSL the A stands for asynchronous (up and down are different speeds). Cable connections are usually synchrounous 10mbps up and down for a few really really good ones. Some business DSL plans are synchronous but rarely over 3 mbps.

    Most likely it would have to be a dedicated line, multiple T1's or a T3.

    The way you get it is $$$'s. We're talking over a $1k a month. Or share the stuff out on your company servers until you get caught and fired. :(
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    Yeah heh! working in networking is fun. Especially if you work for an ISP or some kind of datacentre.

    THe datacentre I work at has 2Gbit of connectivity (1Gbit to Level3 and 1Gbit to Tiscali), we're in the process of ugpradeing to 16Gbit with a line from NTL and then a CWDM (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexor) to push 8 different frequencies of light down the 6 fibre pairs.

    10mbit is standard to our clients (single machine colo clients get 1mbit by default purely because its stupid paying £300+ for one box)
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    Syncronous 10Mbit (Ethernet) connections are quite common here. :)