What is this? (I am going crazy)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Cannibal Corpse, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. This error message has ruined my PC experience every singe time that I want to SHUT DOWN or RESET the system:



    I have to manually click on CANCEL, then wait another 20 seconds then it finally shuts down.

    Even applying SERVICE PACK 1 for XP did NOT help.

    Any ideas? (my system specs are listed on my signature file)
  2. Bman

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    this happens with you restart or shutdown when your running programs!

    What programs are you running when you shutdown? Just turn them off, i dont mean programs like norton antivirs and crap, that stuff is ok!
  3. I have AUDIGY 2 "Volume Control" on my system tray, but I dout it...I will give it a shot though...
  4. Jazzhound

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    Looks like you installed some MCI crap that refuses to go down without a fight. It maybe the application conflicts with Windows when it shuts down, out of sequence in other words.

    Try a fresh reboot and go into [ msconfig ] to see if anything resembles this MCI process. I'm willing to bet it's some crap like that. Either uninstall it or remove it via msconfig so it won't happen again.

    Do a screen cap of your processes via task manager.
  5. Bob S

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    Pretty fancy system there Cannible Corpse. This looks like something that is starting behind the scenes. Run msconfig and look for this program starting and then disable.
  6. Bob S

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    Sorry, I started typing before the reply by Jazzhound was there.
  7. Geffy

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    Yeah that happens

    Cannibal Corpse: See if you can stop MCI from loading up using either msconfig, removing the relevant key with regedit or altering it with x-setup from (http://www.xteq.com)
  8. zalood

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    Try this to automatically close non-responding applications on shutdown:

    Run Regedit and goto:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

    on the right panel find: AutoEndTasks
    change the value from 0 to 1
  9. scsa20

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    lol, just click End Now, or for a better way of doing it without seeing that message, do what zalood said ;)
  10. Tinker

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    I would run ** Spybot ** to see if MCI has installed something on your system that reports you computer habits to them. You might be surprised as to what you find.....