what is the name of the app that acts like ms slideshow?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by morytz, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. morytz

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    i kno there is some app out there that is like a bootleg of the MS SLIDESHOW which is some what like what you have implemented into longhorn 4008 and other versions.

    can anybody tell me the name of this software and where i can dl it.


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  3. morytz

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    i think its more of like an 'underground' program i cheked there didnt see it
  4. morytz

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    no, im talking about this program... go to the adress below


    and the program that you see all the way on the left, that is liek a big bar with the stocks, and the big clock with the longhorn thing in it. im talkin about a program that emulates that.. and works fine in windows xp. i know there is some legal program that does that, i just forgot the name?
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    ah, your thinking of Dashboard http://www.snpsoftware.com -
    I tried it out, I found it annoying but some people love it...go fig :)