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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cwalker2734, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Is it me, or has every site gone pop-up freakin crazy ??

    It use to be only those cheezy porn-sites (I dont go there anymore, seriouisly), then it was every under-funded website..

    Now it seems every major portal has resorted to this ridiculously annoying pop-up frenzy !!

    My home page when I open IE is Yahoo!, simply because I have customized it to hold everything I frequently use(i.e. movies, Blockbuster new releases, TV guide, weather, current events, stock quotes, fedex tracking, et al) and its search engine.

    But as of a month ago, as soon as I open IE, 3 pop-up windows are staring at me !!!

    I downloaded some freeware called "Power Pop-Up Killer", which did absolutely nothing.

    Does anyone know what the best freeware pop-up killer is?

    I even e-mailed Yahoo! support, telling them I thought they were no better than a site with beastiality pics ! Dont know if someone ever reads those emails but I had to get 2 red cents in...

    Please dont tell me that somewhere M$ had snuck-in some trojan horse agreement inside a Windows Update that enabled me to get countless advertisements from X12 cameras, and that loathsome company Sprint PCS . ?another story all together!

    That wouldnt surprise me.

    By the way, was there any truth to the rumor M$ had sliped a trojanhorse inside Media Player 7.1 for XP agreement allowing them to search your PC for software piracy ?

    Just my opinion..what do ya'll think ?
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    There is another thread on here somewhere that talks about pop-up killers. I've used free surfer and it does a decent job of killing opo-ups. I found the other thread and posted the link here.
    pop-up killers
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  4. cwalker2734

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    thank you

    Ill check it out.
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    Is it true about windows media player ?
  6. cwalker2734

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    I dont know for sure, I have heard about it from 2 different sources, which means nothing....
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    Wouldnt surprise me if it was true knowing microsofts record and it certainly wont help them at the moment with all their law suits!!!!
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    If that's true, I'm screwed. yay!