what is a good popup stopper?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gballard, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. gballard

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    Can anyone suggest a good popup stopper? I have tried PanicWare's free one but for some reason it causes my machine to lockup.
  2. I recommend popupcop, it's shareware.....but just like anything else, you can get around it...


    It integrates with ie so you don't have to run the application all the time, another reason why I like this application
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  4. MiseryQv2.1

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    I like Ad-Subtract Pro...
    Works so good I have to change the settign for some sites so they'll work correctly...
  5. I am using Crazy Browser free from http://www.crazybrowser.com

    Major Features:

    Tabbed Interface:It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. Browser tabs may be aligned at the top or the bottom of Crazy Browser and may be displayed on either one or multiple rows.
    Full Windows XP Theme support. Cool!
    Smart Popup Filter (Smart Popup killer): Cool!
    This is the best pop-up killer- it blocks all the annoying popups automatically!

    Security: This has full support for P3P privacy policy and zone-based security assignments.
    Multimedia Data Loading: Turn loading of multimedia data on/off with just one click.
    Multiple Engine Searching: Crazy Browser comes with many preconfigured search engines, but you can extend it to use your own.
    Middle mouse button click on links open on new tab. Cool!
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    I have tried so many I cant even keep track of them all. The one that I have found works the best is FreeSurfer. It has a very small footprint and works better than any I have ever tried. Installation and setup is a no brainer and the software seem to actually learn as it goes along. It is also totally free. Give it a try I am sure you will like it.

  7. dave holbon

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    London England
    Try Spybot - Search & Destroy!! Written by a Germanic Genius. Can't remember where I downloaded it form but it's free-where.
    Even traps the MS stuff
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    popup ads

    I use PopUp Ad Filter. Works good.
  9. djmorgan

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    Second vote for free surfer, never fails and kills em dead....
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  11. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Pop Up Stopper Pro
  12. oDin

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    Why not just use Opera instead of IE. It has a built in popup stopper.

  13. LilBlueDawg

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    AdSubtract all the way baby! w00t w00t! It werk PERFECTLY and VERY good. It not only blocks popups, but also banner ads on websites. This means faster loading since it doesn't need to load the ads. The only bad thing about it is that sometimes when u click on a link to open a new window, it will sometimes block that, but if it does, just temporarily disable AdSubtract, hit refresh, and then click the link and it should werk. I HIGHLY reccomend this program, it's a trial for 30 days, but when it expires, u can just uninstall it and install it again! hehe. To buy the program is only like $30 i think. So try AdSubtract today!!!

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    Crazy Browser
  17. leedogg

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    I recommend Outpost Firewall (the free version works fine for me) not only does it act as a firewall but it blocks ads, banners, and popups. Terminate any net connection at will. Did i mention it also does dns cacheing for faster page loads? this thing rocks
  18. DrMetallica

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    The only real thing that i've used in my 4 year experience on the net is pop-up stopper companion.

    It is the only pop up stopper that will allow wanted windows to come up easily and pop-up ads to be blocked, no hassle.

    To let a wanted window open, hold down the shift key and click the link.

    To disable it, double click the red X in the tray, then double click it again to enable.

    I started using it a year ago, and it has one bug.

    If you want a javascript window to open, you have to disable it by double clicking the red X in the tray, you can not hold down shift.

    Ive tried a bunch of pop up stoppers but this is the easiest.
  19. Otter21

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    I use POW from www.analogX.com
    It's small, free and you choose which pop-ups to block.
  20. Adawa Kisai

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    Freesurfer for sure.:)