What is a good, free PDF printer driver?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by daddyo, Apr 18, 2003.

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    I found several decent shareware or trialware drivers, but there must be a free one somewhere. I want to turn Word documents into PDF format. Anybody got any good utilities out there?
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    From google groups....

    There are several options to convert Word to PDF. For example buy Acrobat
    Writer and select the PDF driver instead of printing to a printer. Another
    option i use is a free tool HTMLDOC. Save the Word file as HTML, this tool
    takes html file(s) and image(s) as input and generates a PDF file (or PS).
    If needed edit the HTML file with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
    A lot of other options are available as;
    generate pagenumbers (not available in the HTML file) according the
    selected page format.
    Generate a TOC from the Header info (H1 - H6)
    add headers and footers
    set font and colors
    add body image
    You can download HTMLDOC (and/or C source - GNU GPL ) at