what HL2DM server do you play (if any)

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ElementalDragon, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Heyo. jus figured i'd make this thread since..... well....... i'm kinda curious as to how good you all are at HL2DM if you play it. the server i almost always am playing in is an RPG-free Killbox server, that is also the server of the clan that i am in (the clan being KBH = KillBox Hores.... asked why it's just Hores.... they said KBW wouldn't have looked or sounded as neat). If you wanna play some pretty tough people (including me)..... maybe learn a few new tricks in the process that you may not have known..... join. i'll be glad to see you/beat the crap outta you. :)

    KBH Clan Killbox:

    anybody else play in any good, tough servers.... post the IP (not too many though..... since i don't really like too many others that i've played since i started playin Killbox). i just really recommend that if you's wanna play some tough HL2DM players.... KBH is the place to go. you'd be surprised how well someone can do when they choose not to use the RPG.
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    I should play HL2DM more, i played it once and really liked it but never again...
    Tell me something, do a lot of people still play or has the "thrill" died out?
    Thanks a lot,