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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NevadaRanger, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. NevadaRanger

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    Ok Help Me Plllease -
    I have done something I know not what , when I click on MY COMPUTER - IT SEARCHES AND SEARCHES - and finds nothing - Also - When I go to to system information - it says it can't collect information - I must have hid or changed something - reinstalled - Xp Pro - no fixy - HELP - something stupid I did I'm sure !
  2. Qumahlin

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    when you re-installed XP did you do a clean install? as in completely reformatting everything then installing again? Cause with problems like that occuring right after install I can't imagine what might be causing it.
  3. NevadaRanger

    NevadaRanger Guest

    Well the problem was there before I reinstalled - thought a re-install would correct it - But obviously not !Trying to prevent a Format - buttt - maybe not - really though I think I hid - something and can't find out what - -
    But closer to a re-format than I want to be :)
  4. loppdawg69

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    i have had something like that happen before...disconnect all drives but your master hard drive and see if anything shows up...i had a bad cdrom that made "My Computer" hate me for a while
  5. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    Do you have any network drives mapped? Or maybe it's also trying to search on the internet too? Don't know if it would try searching for those, but it's a place to look :)