What does Disk Degragmenter do?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 50Cper23, Jul 17, 2002.

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    Whats the purpose
    what does it do?
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    it kinda cleans out usless iteas and folders of your computer, and can reorganize your things so that your computer can run faster and cleaner !
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    When you save a file to your hard disk, fragments of the file are stored at different locations on the disk.
    This makes disk access slower ...
    Disk Defragmenters make the files contiguous (puts the file fragments together in one location). This makes access to your files faster and more efficient.
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    Ok heres a really good way of explaining it. Ok think of your Hard Drive as your house. And you are the cpu. Lets say the user tells you to start a program. Think of the program as a puzzle. Each file that the program needs to start are the pieces to the puzzle(program). Now in a very fragmented system the files are spread all over the hard drive just as pieces of the puzzle would be all over your house. Thus you would have to take longer to look for them and put the puzzle together. Now that defraging does is takes all the loose pieces(files) and puts them in a box close to where you are buliding your puzzle. This way you can find the pieces faster and start your program. :)

    hehe I thought of that analogy one night and I thought it was cool so... :)

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    that is such a good analogy :D

    you should be an analogy maker dude :D:D
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    Re: Defrag

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    That sure is a good way to put it!